Nr. 33

Schooling offers students no opportunity to discover and develop their potential as human beings. They are violently and systematically uprooted from their first world, the world of myth and image … They are given no chance to bring into play their innate wisdom or their natural capacity for seeing that reality which lies beyond appearances. Their creative, imaginative, communicative, and affective channels are completely obstructed, the doors of their perception closed. Thus do we convert healthy, lucid children, blessed with an inexhaustible store of innate wisdom, into paralyzed, stupefied, and totally disoriented adolescents, incapable of doing anything on their own initiative except destroy in the same measure as we have destroyed them. The senselessness and destruction of life, and not the joy of living, is the only lesson they learn, from bitter experience, under the present system of schooling.

Dorothy Ling, “The Original Art of Music,” 67

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